Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I got Creamed at the Puff

Not sure what I can add to my previous race reports from the Cascade Creampuff 100. It is still hard, long, hot, and has a lot of GREAT single track!! The course this year was a bit different with slightly more fire road as well as some really steep single track climbing.

I had my first flat ever at a Creampuff, which is not bad since I have been there 6 times now!! 600 miles with only 1 flat, you can't really complain about that!
Here are some other stats from my 6 years of Creampuff:

First year: 2004
Hottest year: 2008 with 103 degrees at the bridge
Missed year: 2007
Best overall place: 9th in 2008
Worst overall place 32nd in 2009
Longest time: 11:55 in 2008
Fastest time: 10:18 in 2010

After 100 miles and 15,500 feet of climbing I ended up in 3rd behind speedy Rebecca Rush and Sonya Looney

Here are some pics of me on the fun single track!