Monday, April 21, 2008

SeaOtter Classic 2008

The best thing about this year's SeaOtter Classic was catching up with teammates, sponsors, and friends. It is also always fun to see people that you meet at different races. I am so lucky to be able to travel and race and meet cool people from all over the world. I really like racing, but that is only a small part of mountain bike racing. It is all the great people you meet and new places you get to see that makes the experience.

Oh, yeah, I raced at SeaOtter too. I raced in the women's pro/expert single speed
category this year again. Since the 2 to 1 gear ratio seemed to work fine last year, and since that is what I ride, I went with the same gearing again. I was a little nervous before the race, since I NEVER race anything this short but once I was on the starting line I felt fine and it was fun. What can I say about a race that is only an hour and a half??

Well, I almost managed to get lost... At one point I was convinced I had taken a wrong turn because I thought I had already been on that part of the course. I stopped to try to figure out what I should do. After a while the 2nd place woman caught me and I realized I was in fact going the right way. It all worked out anyway. I finished in first place with a time of 1 hr 32 minutes, a couple of minutes in front of 2nd place. I was pleasantly surprised that my time was actually a bit faster than last year even though I haven't been able to ride as much. I think I have to give my bike the credit for the faster time. It is quite a bit lighter than last year with the new Magura fork which is only 3.19 lbs and the Karmas on the Stan's wheels. Or, maybe its all the saddle.....

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Jason said...

You're too funny; a race that short. Were you even warmed up or did you ride to the race from home that morning as a warm-up?

Awesome, you are now the official SS guru.