Friday, August 20, 2010

HEY MOM, I'm on the BONE!!!

I think it is time to write about something other than, and maybe more exciting than, mountain bike riding and racing... Well, maybe not more exciting, but certainly DIFFERENT!

Today I actually got the chance to be a guest DJ on San Francisco rock station 107.7 the BONE with awesome REAL DJ Steven Seaweed. On Fridays he has a lunch-time show called "Hey Mom, I'm on the bone" and Steven invited me a while back to be on the show.

I had to pick 12 of my favorite songs, and then someone at the radio station edited my list down to 7.

La Ruta Lou on the BONE

During the hour I announced my songs:

22 Acacia Avenue with Iron Maiden
Beautiful Day with U2
Holy Diver with Dio
Whiskey in a Jar with Metallica
Jukebox Hero with Foreigner
Still of the Night with Whitesnake
We will Rock You with Queen
Jail break with AC/DC

In addition to reading a few adds and chit-chatting a bit, I also got to play the timeline game when listeners have to guess a specific year based on several clues and a song. We played Space Truckin' with Deep Purple.... The year was.........take a guess or go to to find out!!!

Had a fabulous time with the Weedman, what a cool experience!!! Thanks Steven!!