Sunday, April 19, 2009

From one Extreme to Another...

6 weeks after finishing the longest and coldest race I have ever done, my next race ended up being the shortest race of the season in 90 + degree heat at the SeaOtter Classic. Actually, this happens to be the shortest bike race I have ever done.  There was a pretty small field of women in the Pro/Expert Single Speed category, and I ended up winning by a couple of minutes.  Here are a few comparisons/contrasts between the Iditarod Trail Invitational and the Single Speed Cross Country race at SeaOtter:

Iditarod SeaOtter

Mode of transport: Bike Bike

Distance: 350 miles 19 miles

Finish Time: 6 days, 19 hrs 1 hr 32 minutes

Temperature: -20 degrees 90 + degrees

Race Course: Frozen rivers, mountain Single track, fire road   
passes, snow machine trails
no trail...

Terrain: Snow and ice Sand, gravel, dirt

Race "kit": Layers, layers, and layers Shorts and jersey

Eye wear: Ski goggles Sun glasses

Nutrition: Anything with lots of fat and Sports drink and water 
calories, cookies, muffins,
danishes, chocolate, trail mix

Race Support: No support allowed The great guys at Magura, Eric

No. of Spectators: A couple of moose Thousands of people

Biggest Challenge: Surviving the cold Not puking from heat

Scenery: Snowy mountains Spring flowers

Fun Factor: HIGH HIGH


Bernice said...

Great blog! Love it!!! You ROCK!!!!!!

Carl said...

I love the critical analysis and comparison of the two races. Did the moose give you a hand up?