Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Career????

This doesn't quite qualify as an Ultra Endurance Adventure, but it was something different, fun, and interesting I did a few months ago with my friend, "ex-boss" and sponsor Rob Naber. Rob who is the owner of Physical Therapy of Los Gatos, thought it would be a good idea to give patients the option to watch a demonstration of their therapeutic exercises instead of just receiving written instructions or pictures. Rob asked me if I could be the "model" for some stabilization and strengthening exercise videos he was making. Patients and others who are interested can go to PTLG's web-site and click on the prescribed therapeutic exercise and the YouTube video will show them how to correctly do the movements.

Please check out PTLGs web-site. If you or someone you know needs physical therapy, this is the place to go!!! I speak from experience; I have both worked AND been a patient at PTLG.

I know a few people became famous on YouTube, however I don't think it will lead to a new career, fame or fortune for me. We had fun making the videos though, and hopefully it will help show the patients how to correctly do the exercises.... These are some of the videos as posted on youtube.


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Jason said...

Cool, now I can learn how to do my exercises properly. But how do I incorporate a bike on those exercises???